Petrovietnam launches a new brand identity: proactively adapting, ready for a new development phase

11:43' SA - Monday, 10/01/2022

Hidden deep in the earth, deep in the ocean floor, under layers of rocks, amidst waves and winds, it is a resource waiting to be transformed into energy by human hands and brains. building Vietnam. From the drilled wells in Tien Hai, Thai Binh, to the blazing fire in the open sea of ​​Bach Ho mine, the footprints of those searching for fire, overcoming the waves, overcoming the wind, and overcoming all dangers, have reached distant lands. the far reaches of the Arctic, to the scorching Sahara and many other places for Vietnam to make its mark on the global oil and gas map.

With the aspiration of "Finding oil to enrich the Fatherland", generations of Oil and Gas people have always persevered in learning, agreeing to suffer together, taking on challenges, accepting hardships and making sacrifices to fulfill their wishes. President Ho Chi Minh built a complete and synchronous oil and gas industry, not only making an important contribution to the country's economy, but also contributing to the protection of national sovereignty over sea and islands.

Leaders of the Group performed the launching ceremony of the Petrovietnam Brand Identity

From the very first day of establishment, the first trademark of the Oil and Gas industry was sketched and put into use with the image of a red flame, on the blue sea background and the word PETROVIETNAM on the base. The red flame is like a torch burning day and night - symbolizing the oil and gas industry; The 2-pronged flame bends into the letter V (Vietnam), creating the familiar S-shape of the country's map with a blue background reminding the successful origin of Vietnam's oil and gas industry from the open sea - the continental shelf Country.

Over time, the PetroVietnam logo has been refined, balanced, and harmonious, but still retains the same layout. In particular, in the trend of energy transition and approach to digital transformation strategy, there is a requirement for the Petrovietnam logo to both inherit the tradition but show the dynamism and modernity. The original core values ​​are exploited and applied smoothly in parallel with the changes of the new era, both honoring Petrovietnam's cultural values ​​and affirming the pioneering role of an industrial corporation, energy in the new era.

New logo for new beginning

The Petrovietnam logo has been changed with a new look, which is a unified whole, combining the red flame symbol and the blue text PETROVIETNAM - the international trading name of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group. The words PETROVIETNAM in navy blue are closely arranged, uniform in font, showing the strength and solidity like the rigs; The blue color also represents the typical operation area of ​​Petrovietnam associated with the mission of contributing to the protection and preservation of peace for the Fatherland.

Red flame represents full energy, enthusiastic spirit, pioneer; the flame rises, moves, adapts flexibly in the energy transition trend, which is also the digital transformation period; The flame is stylized in the shape of Vietnam, once again affirming the inseparable connection of the tradition of "fire seekers" with the aspiration of the whole nation.

Petrovietnam logo through the ages

The launch of a new brand identity by Petrovietnam is one of the important tasks in the Petrovietnam Cultural Regeneration Project, which is expected to contribute to the image of a dynamic, friendly Petrovietnam that adapts to new development trends of the world, showing readiness for realizing the vision and mission of Vietnam's oil and gas industry.

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