Mr. Christian Hinsch – Commemorating and honoring a true leader of the European insurance industry

05:45' CH - Friday, 10/09/2021

Commercial Risk Europe (Vol.12, September 2021) – one of the most truly official journals in Europe – recently written an article titled “The loss of a true leader” in order to commemorate and honor Mr. Christian Hinsch – Former Chairman of Talanx Group, Former General Director of HDI, Former Member of PVI’s Board of Directors – who passed away in a car crash earlier this year.

During his 30 year-career in the international risk and insurance market, Mr. Christian Hinsch gained many achievements. One of the most remarkable achievement is that his contribution to transformation of HDI from a very German insurance group into an international insurer competing at the top table in the global corporate and industrial insurance market today.

Under Mr. Hinsch’s chairmanship of the executive board, the number of employees deployed abroad quadrupled from 380 to more than 1500. The number of countries in which the HDI Group is active with its own branches and subsidiaries almost increased from 8 to 39, and the premium volume generated abroad grew from €250m to about €3bn.

Mr. Jens Wolthat, Member of HDI’s Board of Management/ Chairman of PVI’s Board of Director, a long-term colleague of Mr. Hinsch, shared with Commercial European Risk about Mr. Christain Hinsch's important contribution to HDI and also praised him for awakening HDI's desire and ambition to become a global player in industrial insurance business.

Mr. Christian Hinsch - Former member of PVI's Board of Directors - is the person who laid the foundation for HDI to become a strategic shareholder of PVI since 2011 and made great contributions to the long-term cooperation between PVI and HDI from the very first days. During 10 year-development from 2011 until now, with supports of the strategic shareholder HDI and the founding shareholder PVN, PVI has achieved many impressive business results. Moreover, PVI has paid dividends in cash at a high rate with a minimum rate of 20% for many years. PVI is also continuously honored in the list of "50 Best Listed Companies in Vietnam" and "50 Most Valuable Brands in Vietnam". In the insurance market, PVI maintains its position as the No. 1 industrial insurer in Vietnam and always leads the market in terms of operational efficiency.

By the sustainable foundation created by Mr. Christian Hinsch, PVI and HDI have continued to cooperate more extensively for the sustainable development of PVI.

Source: Adrian Ladbury. “The loss of true leader” (September 2021), Commercial Risk Europe Journal, P. 18,19, Vol.12.

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