HDI Global SE announced its first partnership within the autonomous technology segment

08:41' SA - Monday, 20/09/2021

On 8th September 2021, HDI Global SE published a news release titled: “HDI Global enters the autonomous vehicle sector following deal with AutoGuardian by SmartCone”. This is one of the most important activities of HDI Global, marked by increasing its support for the development of the Autonomous Vehicle and Systems ecosystem. This ecosystem will undoubtedly be a significant part of everyone’s future.

We are gradually entering the era of autonomous vehicles when a series of "big guys" in the technology world such as Apple, Google and especially Tesla are holding many big projects to develop autonomous vehicle technology. By catching that trend, HDI Global SE has cooperated with AutoGuardian of SmartCone Technology Company to implement two separate low-speed autonomous shuttle projects. It will transport passengers in a Local Motors zero-emission electric autonomous shuttle called Olli 1.0. The self-driving shuttle is due to be tested on Whitby streets shortly, followed by tests including public passengers later this year.

Digital Solutions is a newly launched innovative insurance team within HDI Global SE. The team will form the core of an HDI specialized underwriting unit focused on addressing insurance solutions for partners within the Autonomous Vehicle and Systems, Micro-Mobility, Performance Warranty and On-line Digital Technology spaces. The team is focused on underwriting innovative solutions for innovative partners around the globe. The partnership between HDI, AutoGuardian and Smartcone is a very positive start to fulfil ambitions towards a safe, smart & autonomous future in both Canada and the US.

The great role of HDI Global SE in contributing to the development of autonomous vehicle is demonstrated by Mrs. Tenille Houston CEO AutoGuardian: “Autonomous Vehicle operations offer a multitude of benefits such as efficiency, sustainability, and accessibility to the world of tomorrow. These first two trials would not be possible without an insurance partner like HDI. Their team has devoted resources specifically to the AV market and they have been flexible to our changing needs. It goes without saying, we are now excited to focus on live operations and seeing our shuttles move people around Whitby and Toronto.”

This is the perfect time for HDI Global SE to increase supports for the autonomous vehicle and systems ecosystem because this ecosystem will undoubtedly be a significant ecosystem in the future. This contributes to the big visions and multi-field operations of HDI Global SE. HDI Global SE is currently the majority shareholder of PVI Joint Stock Company and has made a great contribution to the development of PVI system since becoming a strategic shareholder from 2011 until now.

Source: Martin Schrader, News Release HDI Global SE, “HDI Global enters the autonomous vehicle sector following deal with AutoGuardian by SmartCone.”

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