01/01/2022 01:52' SA

HDI earns award as “Brand of the Century”

29/12/2021 04:17' CH
HDI has been awarded the honor of “Brand of the Century” by the “Deutsche Standards” brand jury, a subsidiary of Hamburg publishing house ZEIT-Verlag. HDI received the award in the "Industrial Insurance" category. The jury based its decision on a number of factors, including the long tradition of the HDI brand: “Originally founded by customers, in order to think like customers, HDI has been providing industrial companies and groups with high-quality insurance solutions for more than a hundred years. Throughout its history, the insurer has always succeeded in communicating a clear image of the brand. Partnership, entrepreneurship and reliability are the core values ​​of HDI. "

Talanx Group announces business results for 9 months of 2021

26/11/2021 02:54' CH
Talanx Group, the parent company of HDI Global SE - PVI's largest shareholder, officially announced the business results for the first 9 months of 2021.
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